Interview With Electronic Producer, Lone.

"Make the music you want to hear and you’re bulletproof"- Lone

England's Matt Cutler has infected the musical strata with his varied and intricate productions. After receiving critical success for his first album "Lemurian" ( a love-letter to the old school boom-bap Hip Hop patterns of old infused with his own personal flare), Matt has solidified himself as a methodical, but unpredictable musician; Two traits that have helped him elevate above many of his peers in an ever growing sea of electronic releases.

With his latest release "Levitate", Matt has put together an assortment of old school breakbeat and dance vibes that are sure to please fans of his previous work and fans of electronic music in general. The distinct ambience that we have come to expect from the virtuoso is on full display here and effectively showcases his technical evolution, particularly in drum programming. 

I got the chance to speak with him and get a few more tidbits on what makes the Nottingham product tick.

Prox: How did the creative process differ for Levitate? Is there anything that you did differently here than you did in the conceptual stages of your previous albums?

Lone: The tracks were a lot more intricate when it came to putting them together this time… I guess I geeked out on the production and smaller details this time, just to push myself I guess. So this time there was a lot less ‘jamming’ and doing shit on the fly and more long hours, working on drums particularly… 

Prox: Each of your releases seems to pay homage to certain old school vibes while incorporating newer, contemporary influences. What are some genres that you haven’t really explored too much yet that you would like to get into some time in the future?

Lone: To be honest I literally feel like I could go anywhere with it - I think anyone can, that really is the beauty of this music shit. I’ve covered most of the ground i’d like to stick to though I think - though I really haven’t pushed the more beat less / ambient side of things as much as i'd like yet - that will come at some point though. I’d love to put out a full ambient album one day.

Prox: What are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in regards to how you select samples, instruments, etc? What are some sounds and effects that you find yourself connecting with more now as opposed to in your Lemurian days?

Lone: I still appreciate the grainier side of things as much as much as I always did - I rely less on samples these days though. I like to make as much organically as I can, fuck em up as much as possible and give the impression that the elements are samples… it’s kinda backwards if you think about it but i get a lot more satisfaction knowing what i’ve made could potentially be a sample to the listener when in reality it’s something I've built from the ground up.

Prox: You mentioned pressure in an old interview you did with FACT. Now that you’re a bit more settled into the label lifestyle, do you feel there was more or less pressure on you for this release than with previous ones?

Lone: The only pressure comes from myself, honestly. When i’m writing, I try to completely block out any expectation from labels / fans etc and just focus on making the best music imaginable.

Prox: What determines where you’ll “set” an album? How did you settle on the Rainforest and New York for previous releases and where do you think your next album will take place?

Lone: I have no idea where these ideas come from, truth be told. It’s just a case of working until an idea comes and then sparks another idea… the beauty is when there’s a tiny spark of an idea that comes then sparks another and the whole thing begins to snowball and take shape and i can imagine a world where these ideas can exist- then i’m locked in to a scene or setting and the whole thing begins to make itself in a weird way.

Prox: Ultimately, what did you set out do with Levitate? Do you think you did an admirable job at accomplishing it?

Lone: Yeah totally didn't compromise on this one at all which i’m totally proud of. I set out to make a short, concise piece of work that is over almost as soon as it begins and there is no point where you can bored during it… a sharp slap in the face.

Prox: Who are some of your favorite contemporary artists?

Lone: Ross From Friends, Project Pablo, Keaver and Brause, Gnork, Bruce Trail, Lance Neptune.

Prox: Favorite hobbies?

Lone: Making music, DJing - I still enjoy these like they were hobbies to be honest.

Prox: Tips for aspiring artists?

Lone: Make the music you want to hear and you’re bulletproof.

Prox: Information on upcoming releases and projects?

Lone: There will be something else this year, fingers crossed.

Prox: Final Thoughts? 

Lone: Alpha Wheel.

You can learn more about Lone, get information on releases/tours, here.

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