Autohypnosis Releases "Nothing If Not Careful".

Artist and composer Nathan Stack (Autohypnosis, Shadowy Lines) releases a brand new EP entitled Nothing If Not Careful, the Los Angeleno's take on dark, introspective electro-pop. He describes his latest outing as a "dark electronic-pop EP that examines the tensions and disillusionment that pervade these days of anxiety and polarization.

As a multi-talented auteur, Nathan has also taken it upon himself to direct and edit the videos for Hopeless American Summer/Beyond Beyondcomplimentary pieces that expound on the EP's psychological overtones.

With the spiritual and sociopolitical landscape occupying this current space, it is the perfect time for visionaries to explore these themes and use them as the foundation for poignant social commentary. 

Instrumental work and other projects from his discography (most notably Pedestrians) have led to the creation of Shadowy Lines, a probing of the intricacies and soundscapes of the ambient genre for those who are interested in something a little less busy. Much of the work from this brilliant side-project resembles the melancholy moodiness of Tim Hecker's discography, but is fortified with strong synth layers that harken back to the sound of the influential Berlin School.

Interesting crafts from a forward thinking creative.

You can follow and support Nathan over on his Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter and Youtube.

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