The Resurgence of Ketamine.



In recent years the ultra-powerful dissociative tranquilizer ketamine has been gaining traction as a aid for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and severe depression.

For the minority of patients that suffer from what has been deemed treatment resistant, the drug is having surprisingly effective results.

For some time now, the substance has been the topic of discussion in psychology circles for it's potentiality.

While this is no secret to long time proponents of psychedelic research, new studies are becoming the topic of discussion in mainstream medical and psychological discourse.

Michael Bloomfield, clinical lecturer of psychiatry at University College London. stated that “There is enormous interest and excitement in the field about the potential therapeutic effects of ketamine for severe depression. While the drug has been around for decades as an anaesthetic, the science of it as a treatment for severe depression has only really taken off in this century,” and as a result of this, warrants more discussion and in depth study.

Currently, the treatment will only be administered by licensed professionals and the current trend of research being conducted does not aim to legalize the substance for public consumption.

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