Interview With Drum n Bass Producer, The Drumkilla.

"I think that we are not alone, but who knows how much time will pass before humanity can find someone else in our endless universe…" -The Drumkilla.

About a month ago I discovered the fantastic music of Russia’s Kirill Koloshnitsyn (aka The Drumkilla) after browsing through Omni Music’s Bandcamp page. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge Atmospheric Drum N Bass head. I absolutely adore it and much of the LTJ Bukem era stuff has had a big impact on my own musical tastes and productions. To me, it represents the perfect blend of chill, but intrusive (and mostly danceable) beats for enjoying and potentially droning out to. After hearing The Drumkilla’s track “Planets Around” I decided that it would be the perfect track to use as the introduction theme for my Youtube channel (which will be coming as soon as I finish the damn thing. Adobe After Effects is unforgiving as hell) so I contacted him and he was more than happy to allow me to use it. Some time later, I contacted him again and asked if he would be interested in doing an interview for the site, and thankfully, I received the same response!

Right away, this guy lives up to his name. His drum sequencing is insane and it’s what really makes his work stand out for me. His “Breakbeats & Space EP” features beautifully mixed breaks, coupled with deep bass, and spacey synths. This stuff sounds like it was snatched straight out of a triple-A Science Fiction blockbuster. Absolutely wonderful productions that harken back to the old days of deep Jungle. So without further adieu, I am proud to present, The Drumkilla.

"Breakbeats & Space"

Prox: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been producing?

TD: Hello! My name is Kirill, I’m from the cold Russian town of Pechora, and I’ve been making music since 2009.

Prox: Is there a single song, album, or moment that inspired you to make music? 

TD: No, it was accidental. I just saw the video called “How to make trance music in FL Studio”, so I decided to try. I was 12 years old and it was just funny. I made a few tracks and showed them to my friends. They liked them and I remember that one of my friends used it as a ringtone on his phone. It’s an interesting irony: now I can make really cool tracks but nobody cares about it. Haha :D

Prox: What are some of your favorite tracks? Who are some of your favorite producers? Two criminally underrated pieces, Fairlight by Artemis and Back From Eternity by Alaska & Seba are what got me into DnB.

TD: I have a lot of favorite tracks, for example: “Kodiak” and “Sundog” from Alaska’s outstanding album “The Mesozoic Era”. This album is very inspiring to me. As for producers, I can’t choose my favorite because I like the whole drumfunk scene.

Prox: Your drum programming is insane. Could you walk us through what a typical sequencing session looks like for you? How long does it usually take?

TD: At first I choose the break, then I do some programming/chopping magic. Next part is an atmosphere: I trying to mix up some pads, making some textures from melodies. Then I do a bass line, add synths and some effects. It takes me anywhere from one day to an entire month, it depends on my laziness :D

Prox: What it is like to have the opportunity to release on a thriving label like Omni Music where so much new talent is emerging?

TD: I think that it’s cool. I really enjoyed working with Chris (Eschaton –owner of Omni Music), he was very responsive. I think that I will release something else on Omni soon.

Prox: Are you a space enthusiast? Why did you choose the title “Breakbeats & Space” for your release on Omni? Is it something you’re passionate about or did it just sound cool?

TD: I really like space! I’m reading news about actual space programs, about other planets, some hardware such as Curiosity rover and it’s very inspiring. I got into the space theme some years ago, and decided that I must do a fusion of ambient-jungle and drumfunk.

Prox: Are there any artists that you dream of collaborating with someday?

TD: Sure! Alaska/Paradox, Seba, DJ Trax, Fanu, Equinox, Nebula, Greenleaf, and more cool dudes.

Prox: Have you done any live sets yet? What’s the energy like?

TD: Unfortunately, the drumfunk scene is almost dead in Russia, that’s why I’ve never played anywhere. But now I’m living and studying in Saint Petersburg, and I hope that something will change. 

Prox: What are some other genres that you enjoy listening to?

TD: Funny fact, I’m making Drum & Bass but spend lots of time listening to some shoegaze, blackgaze, emo, screamo, post-black, atmospheric black, depressive black, doom and more. I’m a little bit tired of electronic music but I still love it.

Prox: Of everything that you produced so far under the Drumkilla moniker, what would you say is your favorite composition?

TD: I think that Earthrise and Event Horizon are the best tracks from my discography. 

Prox: What are some tips you’d give to someone like me who wants to get better at making deep, atmospheric DnB productions?

TD: Listen to more music, analyze it, try to do something similar, then try to do something different but still deep and atmospheric.

Prox: If you were given the opportunity to go to one other planet, which one and why?

TD: I prefer to stay here :) I love Earth. 

Prox: Do you think we’re alone in the universe?

TD: I think that we are not alone, but who knows how much time will pass before humanity can find someone else in our endless universe…

Prox: Final Thoughts?

TD: It was really nice to be interviewed, it’s the first time for me and I’m pretty excited. Thank you for paying attention to the music I make!

First and most certainly not the last for this budding talent. You can purchase The Drumkilla’s tracks here.