Aim With Good Intent: Olivia Curry Talks Art, Creativity, and Nature.

Meet visionary artist Olivia Curry.

Olivia has had a strong connection with animals and nature since her youth and this is quite obvious within the aesthetics of her pieces.

She has made a very conscious effort to infuse spiritual energies into her work and transpose the lessons she's gleaned throughout each psychedelic journey. 

This knack for reconstructing the atmosphere present within the entheogenic ecosystem has enabled Olivia to travel across the country to showcase her pieces.

In this interview we'll briefly touch on her life, work, and inspiration.

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Solar Memory

Prox: You grew up in the forest. How did the energies and landscapes of nature help you in your decision to become an artist?

Olivia: Nature always brought me sanctuary when growing up and still does. It sparked my imagination and gave me a sense of wonder. It kind of creates an arena for my mind to connect to a higher mind or in others words a kind of advanced living technology of a long forgotten dream waiting for us to wake up to it. As an artist influenced by the nature of Earth but also the cosmos, I feel it makes sense to connect to this living technology as much as possible. As the great Terence McKenna would say “Nature’s creativity is, obviously, the wellspring of human creativity.”

Prox: What are some tools you use to capture the aesthetics of the luminous?

Olivia: My core tools like to use are my computer and Wacom tablet. Why not capture “the luminous” with light? Since all computers are running off crystals and light.  

My main programs I use are Corel Painter, Photoshop, and Groboto. When working in Corel Painter I use different illuminating filters in my layers as well as tweaking brushes in the program to act as light. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.
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Prox: There is a truly striking use of color in your pieces. How does color help to define what you seek to convey in your work?

Olivia: Color for me is ideal to use to express a since of emotions, to invoke some kind of feeling.  I firmly believe our emotions are the nervous system of the soul. So, the use of intense color can be a great way to connect with something deeper inside the viewer.   

Prox: Please tell us something that influences your work that we may not know about.

Olivia: The presence of cats… I’ve always had a deeply spiritual connection to cats and bringing them through in my creations is a great way for me to keep that connection alive. Also if it is not obvious the use of plant allies influences my work greatly. I’m a proud psychonaut always excited to explore those inner worlds and bridge them with my artwork. Last but not least there are deep connections I have with strong individual women in my life that greatly influence and inspires my work.  

Prox: Favorite hobbies?

Olivia: Besides drawing and painting…Tea, fire spinning, reading books, climbing, camping, hiking, making awesome vegan food, and connecting with people. 

Prox: Could you give us some tips for aspiring artists?

Olivia: Persevere even when the wellspring of creativity seems to be gone.  No matter what is distracting you from your creative endeavors… in spite of the difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement, to have a persistent nature in any relationship or passion is key.  

Prox: Final Thoughts?

Olivia: Aim with good intent towards the impossible and put to use what little gracious time you have here on Earth in the best possible way. 

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