Peace of Soul: Kondor on Hip Hop, Life, and Progression.

Poland's Kondor is a hip-hop producer making soulful, meditative beats.

After being inspired to produce by the work of his friend Blazo, he set out to create his own music as a way to showcase his passion.

Kondor's work and relentless pursuit of personal improvement has driven him to create the music that we are familiar with today. This philosophy has served as a primary motivator for the artist and helps him to further master his craft.

"It’s all about the inspiration, luck, and spontaneity. Getting better is my impact, it is healthy for me because I don’t think I would stop improving that way. We are learning things our whole life and music is an infinite source. That’s how I see my potential."

Like many artists of the current generation, Kondor was also heavily inspired by Nujabes and the work he was putting out before his unfortunate and untimely passing. I spoke with him about his come up and life.

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Prox: You’ve been producing for some time now but you’ve always seemed low key. How did you get into music and what drew you to production? What role did Poland play in this?

Kondor: I got into hip hop music when I met my friends. They were my skateboarding idols and I wanted to do what they did and be as good as them. With one of them (Blazo) we were practicing beatbox and he showed me Fruity Loops and his beats. Never felt so sure about something but that was it. Beats became my destiny haha. I’ve always been a modest person and my goal wasn’t a career or money but just have some good fun. 

“I am not good enough” - that sentence is my partner and I think that my modesty might be a reason why I seemed low key lol. Poland's role in my success is that Im living there, that’s all and i'm totally ok with that.

Prox: I vividly remember your come up back during the Nujabes craze. What was the culture like for you around that time? Were your tracks ever compared to his and were you influenced by his work?

Kondor: Nujabes had biggest influence on me. His work was like reaching another dimension, the musical El Dorado. Thanks to my brother who is an Anime fan, I found some Joe Hisaishi music on my PC and started sampling it. That’s how the Peace of Mind project arose. People started to comparing my music to Nujabes and Nomak as well as by just putting my name in the same category as theirs.

I appeared to be proud but thoughts like "Am I worthy?" I gotta be better”, were on my mind. Not better for them, but as Kondor. Not a similar artist to whoever, just Kondor.

Prox: A lot of your music seems to have this uplifting, spiritual vibe. Why have you included this kind of atmosphere in your work? Are you a person of faith?

Kondor: I’m a dreamer. A big dreamer and sensitive person. Very positive, smiling but I always felt sadness and nostalgic inside. Hard to explain because for example when I get back home after a beautiful sunny day which I spent skateboarding and laughing - i'm making sad, reflectional music. What’s wrong with me lol?

Prox: People may have their own perception about what your music means and your sound profile, but how would you describe your tracks? What pushes you to continue your musical journey?

Kondor: Making music became my work. I decided that it is something I want to do in my life no matter what and my motivation is strong enough. I made all the tracks in different periods in my life so it might be hard to describe them. It’s my emotional life I could say.

Prox: What is something that has a big impact on the way you create that we may not know about?

Kondor: It’s all about the inspiration, luck, and spontaneity. Getting better is my impact, it is healthy for me because I don’t think I would stop improving that way. We are learning things our whole life and music is an infinite source. That’s how I see my potential.

Prox: Could you describe your working setup for us? What is some of your go to equipment and programs?

Kondor: Fruity Loops is the software I used from the beginning. I make melodies on my midi keyboard with 49 keys. As a DJ, I also got a mixer and turntable. Last year I decided to buy Maschine MK2 and that thing is fire! I highly recommend to anyone. Extremely fun.

Prox: Are there any artists, books, movies/TV shows or music you’d like to recommend to the readers?

Kondor: Oh my, that could take another page haha. You probably know Blazo or Avens, they are my close friends here in Poland and would be rude if I didn't mention them here.

Also i'm pretty sure you know productions of my favorite hip hop producer - 9th Wonder. I've not read many books in my life but number one is definitely Stephen King’s Dark Tower (7 volumes, good luck). If you like TV Shows - Westworld is worth watching. I love science fiction movies with time travel motifs like Timecrimes or psychological films like Stay.

Prox: Any releases or projects on the way that you’d like to tell us about?

Kondor: I’m really counting on this year. I’m about to release two albums (one instrumental) and start performing live - that’s why I got a Maschine. I got some tour proposals so I really hope to meet some of you guys one day. I got some more goals but don’t want to share them just yet. Let the game continue.

Prox: Final Thoughts?

Kondor: When you do good things, good things happen to you. Hit me up on my Facebook Fanpage if you want to talk, my fans are my friends! Take care people, peace.

Check out Kondor and his work on Bandcamp and Facebook

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