Why I Don't, Won't, and Can't Be Bothered to Participate In Any Political Elections.

"Voting is not an act of political freedom. It is an act of political conformity. Those who refuse to vote are not expressing silence. They are screaming in the politician's ear: 'You do not represent me. This is not a process in which my voice matters. I do not believe you." -Wendy McElroy.

So after a fairly enlightening conversation with a friend, I got a better understanding of what the inherent issues are with our current form of government and why change is meager at best and more often than not, nonexistent. For whatever reason, humanity has opted to turn to corporate hatchet-men labeled as politicians for leadership and guidance. This faith based system that we have is just as, if not more broken than many of the religious institutions that have been ruthlessly parodied in 21st century America.

The candidates (as glossy, genuine, and forward thinking as they may seem) are not the issue, it’s the system that produces them. A system that by many accounts, is not for the betterment of our society and acts as a sort of checks and balances on the very progress many voters are seeking to obtain. It’s very, very easy to become enraptured with the quixotic (and sexy) promises of a corporate figurehead, but that’s all they are, promises. Promises to get un and under-informed individuals to rush out in droves to vote because they finally found a candidate with a catchy enough slogan. The voters themselves, who are in most cases well-meaning, honest individuals, don’t understand that by voting, you give your approval of the current system. Ignore the candidates for a second and focus on the structures that allow them to come into power in the first place. A system flooded with propaganda, corporate pandering, and elitist circle jerking that encourages narcissistic and psychopathic individuals (who have built a foundation on half-truths and flat out lies) to come into office and “change” things. Bureaucracy, in my opinion, slows down progress and by white knighting and expecting another party to initiate change in your country’s progression, you externalize and limit your own power.

“Well Prox, how is doing nothing better?”. Simple, because if you do not vote, you do not sanction the behaviors of these individuals and you most certainly do not give your consent. Our consent is worth the billions of dollars that is spent on lobbying and promotion because without our consent, they can’t keep up the illusion of democracy in this country. We live in a plutocratic republic that has been pawned off as a bipartisan democracy. John Trudell had a brilliant talk about romanticizing civil disobedience and the idea that protest has to be performed with garish picket signs and equally catchy anti-voting puns. Sure there are some who prefer to make their voice heard via long winded diatribes, signs, and t-shirts, but the idea that protest has to be approached in this manner is completely incorrect. We often gripe about how poor the education system is in the country, but we encourage and expect individuals that are a byproduct of that very same system, to go out and make a decision that will supposedly restructure the foundation of the country. Individuals who are fresh out the academic pressure cooker but are deemed too emotionally and biologically immature to even have a drink to celebrate such “an important milestone in the progress of American society” have the ability to impose their political ideologies (ideologies that are by and large regurgitations of whitewashed or factually void opinions from parents and other “leaders”) on the cultural strata. The idea that informed individuals can be undercut by people who suddenly believe they’re experts on politics because they watched a few debates and wore a few buttons supporting a particular candidate around election time, is nauseating.

By simply staying home, devoting your time and energy into other, more meaningful things (like researching why you SHOULDN’T vote or terms like Anarchy, Corporatacracy, and Plutocracy), you have essentially given a huge middle finger to the establishment without leaving your couch and made a step towards genuine progress. Let’s begin to look at this system for what it really is, a dog and pony show designed to ensure inch by inch social progress and keep the proletariat class from eating the rich. These elections are nothing more than another way to keep the public distracted and separated. The frightening thing is that election season often unveils the collective psychosis and insanity of the nation. People genuinely believe that we are going to change the country by pouring gasoline into the fire. We are constantly fed this narrative about “being the change you wish to see” but if you continue to elect those who are the very antithesis of rapid social progress, what are you really changing?