What Are Angel Numbers?

You look at a clock and realize that for the fourth time today you've seen the same repeating numbers. In fact, this has been happening to you a lot lately and you're not really sure why.

Well what you've been seeing are called Angel Numbers. These are patterns orchestrated by your angels or guides to relay certain messages to you depending on the particular sequence of numbers.

There are tons and tons of these numbers, however I will be focusing on the numbers that seem to be the most common for people who are discovering them on their path. While most people see three digit patterns, four digits patterns simply mean that, that vibration is amplified or enhanced so that it is even stronger.


11:11 is probably the most common pattern that people experience and this prompts them to research this phenomena. Repeating 1's can be seen as a kind of call to action and as a nudge to watch your current thoughts. When you see these numbers ask yourself "am I currently thinking about something positive that can help, inspire or motivate me along my journey?" It also means that your universal requests have been received and are currently being processed so long as you stay focused and loving.


This pattern is a faith-based vibration that essentially says stand strong and keep working at your craft. It is a sign to keep a balanced and level-headed approach to your endeavors. While it may seem like your work is not garnering the attention it deserves (be it critically or financially) trust that it is not in vain and that a calm peaceful attitude will serve you well during these times.


Can best be described as the number of the Ascended Masters and that they are ready to answer the prayers you have sent out into the universe. This number is telling you that now is the time for you to use your gifts and creativity to benefit those in need. Have faith in those around you and continue to maintain your high vibrations as they will lead to the betterment of society.



When this number is present it means that your inner-wisdom and intuition are attuned to higher frequencies and other realms. This pattern is telling you to trust your gut and make good on your intuitive impulses as they are supported by your guides who are offering guidance every step of the way.


555 is an extremely positive number but it does come with some difficulties. It brings forth the message of change and rejuvenation, however you must be ready and willing to make the necessary adjustments to your life to reap the benefits of these modifications. You must let go of old beliefs and fears that hold you back from experiencing abundance. Do not fear these new changes and adjust accordingly, you won't regret it.


Gasp! Not this number! Well in spite of what we may commonly believe, this number does not always signify evil. I am not saying that this number can not and has not been used for perverted means, however in this case it is a message from your guides to focus on your spiritual pursuits and get back to a state of blissful assuredness. Anxieties and fears could be holding you back from creating the best opportunities for yourself.

It could also mean that you are too focused on material rewards and objects. You can combat this by doing something positive for others like donating to a cause of your choosing or lending a helping hand to someone in need.

Open up your mind to the possibility that you have positive and loving energies around that would like to offer you support.


Perhaps my favorite of the series, this sequence is a cosmic pat on the back that says you have been using your talents to the best of your abilities and as such, have began to create life changing opportunities for yourself. You will soon see that your efforts are not going unnoticed and will provide you with the abundance that you seek.

Keep doing what you are doing to inspire, motivate, and uplift those that you come into contact with as it is telling the universe that you are spiritually mature enough to receive energetic gifts from the cosmos.


As with the previous number, this one represents powerful abundance and acknowledgement of the foundational work you have done to catalyze your abilities. Your guides are proud of you and are glad that they can be a part of the powerful energies that you are sending out into the world. You are being repaid for the kindness you have been giving out to those who have had the pleasure of meeting you. As a way of reciprocating these transformative vibrations, the universe wishes to shower you with love and light.


And lastly we have reached the end. 999 means that it's time to begin anew. You have been given the ok by your guides to start down a new path of self-exploration and awakening. Now is the time to fully devote yourself to your mission and prepare for the beginning of a new chapter in life, a chapter that does not have any room for anger, doubt, or fear.

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