Deism: When God Stops Holding Your Hand.

Deism posits the idea that God serves as a vehicle for creation but does not constantly tend to or oversee the affairs of our universe due to the autonomous function of natural law.

Deist concepts are rather bold when juxtaposed with other monotheistic religions because they divorce humanity from notions of importance in relation to the cosmic agenda; This is a stark contrast to other theistic doctrines that implicitly state that God is ever-present, omniscient, and Earth is at the epicenter of it's jurisdiction. To Deists however, our universe could simply be a byproduct of one of God's creations thus making it completely unaware of our existence.

There is also no guarantee that whatever created us is all-knowing or even anywhere close to all-powerful, but does possess the facilities necessary to manufacture our current living space.

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When viewed contextually against other theistic religions, Deism is different in that it relies on the observable universe for answers to life’s most daunting questions. There is a tremendous emphasis on logic and deductive reasoning within this philosophy as humans are not capable of conceptualizing the metaphysical nature of God outside of the laws present in our current Universe. Many Deists argue that it is impossible for anything to exist without a creator of some sort, however this does not mean that they must to subscribe to the ideas that are attributed to God in traditional religious texts. By giving us the capacity for ratiocination, emotionality, and independent execution, it negates the constant need for any kind of cosmic chaperone(s). 

This philosophy arose as an almost direct response to the scientific method (and David Hume and Immanuel Kant who were staunch atheists and seen as the exemplars of intellectualism at the time) and mavericks like Baruch Spinoza were early progenitors of the skepticism movement. 

Overall, Deism is a very interesting take on traditional theism that makes sensible claims about what could be going on in the perceivable universe.

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