Cymatics: The Aesthetics of Sound

Traditionally, sound eludes the human eye. Typically, it needs some type of intermediary in order to be recognized by our measly 20/20 visual acuity. An intermediary is anything that can be effected by the sound in order for it to have a visual representation; a perfect example would be if you have speakers that bang, boom, or knock something over. Sound that is loud, pitched high enough, or sustained long enough can even elicit dermal response. This also seems to be the case with liquids and particle solids. When sand or liquids are placed on a steel plate and hit with sustained, high pitched sounds, the substance used becomes beautiful, intricate, snowflake like patterns that seem to defy what we thought we knew about the nature of sound.

Cymatics were discovered by Dr. Hans Jenny after he became curious of the effects that sound could have on fluids, pastes, and powders. He quickly noticed that the sounds created patterns within the effected substance and that these patterns weren’t merely an "unregulated chaos” but instead formed a uniform pattern based on the dynamics of the sound and the amount of the substance that is used. These are gorgeous fractal geometries, but is that where it ends?

Some people argue that higher frequencies actually have the ability to harm or heal. From a frequency perspective, I’m not entirely sure if this is the case. However, music has historically had an effect on the listener(s). I’m sure most of us can relate to feeling an immediate shift in mood when you hear a certain song. Whatever relationship you have with the song (love, hate, indifference, etc) will determine the direction your mood will go. So psychologically, this not only has merit, but is proven.

It begs an interesting question. If our bodies are primarily made up of a litany of different fluids (all at varying viscosities) and different sized "particle" based genetic information, what are the sounds we hear doing to us on a subatomic level?

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