A Festival Survival Guide (Presented By Sennheiser)

Credit: Sennheiser

Now that festival season is underway, Sennheiser has compiled a list of practical tips and tricks to help casual and hardcore attendees survive their outings.

While it is usually everyone's intention to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and energy present at these event sites, it can be easy to forget some essential steps to maximizing your enjoyment and safety with so much excitement in the air.

Take a look at this list to guide you throughout the festivities and help to ensure that your next festival, won't be your last:

1 – Take only the essentials

Mobile phones, purses, keys – things that we always carry with us in everyday life somehow end up being rather impractical at festivals: Just a few rounds in the mosh pit and those valuables are nowhere to be found.

Only take things that you really need to a festival and find ways to store them safely. If you don’t want to leave your valuables in your tent, there’s two options: stow them in the car or play it safe and rent a locker – a service that’s now offered at most festivals. OK, you might not always be in an organized state of mind, but you can always pop back to the locker and get the things you really need.

2 – A sip of water from time to time

In the midst of a huge party when the drinks are flowing the idea of drinking water might seem a bit unattractive. But drinking enough is essential at festivals, especially when the temperature is soaring. Make sure to always have water with you and rehydrate regularly. Many festivals provide water stations both at the concert area and the campsite where you can fill up your supplies for free. Staying hydrated is also the secret of any successful party animal, as you can avoid crashing and burning early and party on into the night.

3 – You can’t be a king without a throne

Frequently seen, often broken, painfully missed: The camping chair. There’s nothing like a laid-back beer, while watching the festival unfold before you (often while wondering “what the hell is going on?”). These are precious moments that need savoring and you can’t really be lord of all you survey when you’re flopped out in the mud. Gear up with a sensible camping chair and rule like festival royalty. Choose your seat wisely, as a cheaper breed of chair seldom makes it through one good night of partying. But if a “casualty” does occur then take advantage of the camping shops that most festivals have on site (it’s almost like they know their customers…). It’s totally up to you if having a working chair by the end of the festival is a mark of triumph or a sign you should have partied harder.

4 – Hat and sunscreen vs. raincoat and wellies

If you are going to an outdoor festival you have to get on well with the weather gods – because their mood swings can produce anything from oppressive 100 degrees fahrenheit to polar chill with a side order of monsoon. Don’t let their moods affect yours and prepare yourself accordingly: A hat of any type protects against sun damage, sunscreen prevents sunburn. If you’re not so lucky with the weather, a waterproof jacket and wellies will fight off the worst of the rain and mud. The festival-pro is prepared for any weather.

5 – Clothes in plastic bags

Speaking of clothes: Summer festivals should actually be warm – at least that’s the theory. But depending on where the festival is located it can get pretty cold, especially at night. As a result, your clothes can become clammy in the tent overnight and the next morning you’ll have to deal with wet clothes. Pro tip: To prevent this, pack your clothes in plastic bags or bin bags to keep them dry – even on cold nights.

6 – A moment of silence

One thing is for sure: music and non-stop partying are essential to the festival experience and that is very definitely a good thing. But there will be a point during all the hustle and bustle when you just want to close your eyes, switch off and take a moment for yourself.

Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM Free are perfect for this: The ultra-compact wireless in-ear headphones are easily stowed away in your camping baggage, where they can be on hand when you want to chill out and relax to your favourite music.

Just a little rest to recharge your spiritual batteries and you can throw yourself back into the party.


7 – Dance like nobody’s watching

Picking up your backpack for a festival means leaving your inhibitions behind. Many of the conventions and boundaries that surround us in school, college or our jobs just don’t apply. Take this to heart and use this time for things that you wouldn’t do in everyday life. Everyone around you is going crazy, so why not join in the fun?

Let your inner child out for a play, dance your feet off or party all night long – you can shape your own festival summer and make some unforgettable memories on your journey. Safe travels.

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