M.O.R.P.H.ology: Alex M.O.R.P.H On Musical Evolution, Travel, and Virtual Reality + Exclusive Mix.

"That’s always hard to do. Just keep up the work, don’t let others frustrate you, believe in what you do and try to get better at doing it. Try to present yourself professionally, don’t annoy people and the rest is a good dose of luck to be at the right place at the right time." -Alex M.O.R.P.H

What can I or anyone else say about Alex M.O.R.P.H. that hasn't already been said? The German maestro has travelled the globe delivering a special spark to ravers and has reached earned much respect over the years.

M.O.R.P.H. has found monumental success in the ultra-competitive EDM scene with his recognizable sonics and welcoming persona. Consistently ranked amongst the world’s top DJs, he provides the atmosphere and energy many party-goers seek in today’s dance arena.

The “M.O.R.P.H. Sound” has fans from all the world attending his extravagant sets and tuning into the acclaimed Universal Nation podcast as a companion piece to his label of the same name.

His sound is so sought after in fact that he has been able to collaborate with the likes of Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk.

He continues to cement himself as one of the top acts working and shows no signs of slowing down in the slightest.

As M.O.R.P.H. is always looking for new ways to expand, explore, and innovate, I wanted to get his opinion on the future of EDM from a technological standpoint and his work.

He was also kind enough to share an exclusive mix.


Prox: I am always curious about how traveling supplements the lives of people who are always on the road. What has being on the move taught you about culture, family, life, and being sedentary?

Alex: When people see my touring schedule and see all the great places all over the world, they mostly say “oh wow, I’m so jealous." In fact it is a lot of work and traveling itself can be a pain, especially when you’re touring for weeks at a time. I do love all of it, but of course sometimes when you get back home you don’t wanna leave again 3 days later. You want your own living room, your own bed and all that. It can be exhausting to be away from your home and your family and friends for so long. On the other hand it is awesome to have the privilege and opportunity to fly around the world and see other cultures, eat different food, and learn about different mentalities in other parts of the world. I’m thankful for that, but I know where I come from and where I belong. In the end it’s one of the best feelings to come home, even with a bad jetlag :-)

Prox: You have been involved with EDM for many years now. What have been some of the most welcomed changes you’ve seen in the industry and during performances? Are people behaving differently these days?

Alex: Dance music and it’s culture has changed a lot, sure. Not only the music itself changed, but the quality changed, the technology is insane these days, the audience changed, so did the events, the marketing and the expectations within the scene. It’s mind-blowing and with it comes a lot of pressure for the artists to stay on top of things and it’s even harder to stand out with so many, many great artists.

The internet changed a lot of things because everyone wants to be involved and get heard. People discuss and rate every picture, every tweet, and everything else you do. They drown their favorite artists in love and they complain when they don’t like a song. They even unfollow you when they don’t agree with something you said or if you don’t reply to them. It is silly, it is great, it is exciting, and it is annoying. But it is a big part of the game and I don’t complain about it. Let’s play!

Prox: With technology becoming more and more integrated into shows, what do you think the future holds? How do you imagine Virtual Reality will be incorporated into performances?

Alex: Let’s face it: the times where you just played in a dark club and danced to the music are over. I don’t know about the future of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. Maybe the people will stay home with an Oculus Rift on their heads, watching a live set that I’m doing in my kitchen. I don’t know, haha! What I know is that there are amazing technologies that can boost the experience for the audience. There will be even more insane shows, stunning stages, crazy lights, ambience, surround sound, 3D projections and whatnot. It’s just the beginning, and virtual reality will be a big part of a live experience for sure. You might see pink elephants flying over your head, hahahaha!

Prox: Social media is somewhat of a blessing and a curse as it can feel like some of your favorite artists are so close, yet so far away. Why have you decided to be very active and in touch with your fanbase when so many others act like they’re too cool? 

Alex: It’s the least I can do. I’m not the most active artist to do so, but I always try to at least give a little thing back to my fans.

A comment here and there or even only a like will show people that I see them, that I read their stuff and that I care.

Prox: You’ve done an excellent job of changing your style to fit the current atmosphere in the EDM world. Are there any retro or lesser known genres that you’d like to produce or incorporate into your music?

Alex: Well, people know me as a Trance guy because that’s what I’m known for the most, but I love many different styles of music. I was a part of the acid scene back in the days, believe it or not.

Even today I always try some new stuff every now and then. I do experiment with styles, that’s what an artist should do.

Some people don’t like it when I release a Psytrance track, or a harder track, they just want uplifting Trance. But I don’t care, it would bore me. I will always surprise from time to time, team up with other artists and combine elements that are not usual. There’s no rules. If it works, fine. If not, fine.

Prox: Could you share some tips for aspiring artists?

Alex: That’s always hard to do. Just keep up the work, don’t let others frustrate you, believe in what you do and try to get better at doing it. Try to present yourself professionally, don’t annoy people and the rest is a good dose of luck to be at the right place at the right time.

Prox: Would you like to give us any information on upcoming projects and releases?

Alex: I’m just about to release a new collab together with Heatbeat. It’s called Shenlong and releasing on Sept-29 on their label AERYS Records. Then I’ve teamed up with Paul van Dyk again for another collab on his new upcoming album. There’s more to come but I don’t want to spoil the surprise yet ;-)

You can find Alex on Beatport, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, and his website.

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