Kosmological Conspiracy: Electrosoul System Discusses New Album and Shares An Exclusive Mix.

"We all live in space. Whatever we do is a part of it. Space starts inside of us and expands endlessly and so does our music." -Electrosoul System

Electrosoul System (Andrey Burtaev) is no stranger to the culture of drum & bass. With almost two decades of DJ/Production experience (adopting his current moniker circa 1998), Burtaev boasts a veteran presence in Russia’s passionate electronica scene.

Despite being a world away, his music elevates past regional barriers and finds it’s way into the hearts and minds of fans abroad.

The outfit over at KOS.MOS.MUSIC (formed by Burtaev and promoter Roman Paramonov in 2006) has put together a conceptual outing called Kosmological Conspiracy that explores the depths and variety found within electronic music.

While this effort undoubtedly uses drum & bass as it’s foundation, the LP incorporates elements of several other genres for a truly transcendent experience. The album was compiled over the course of six years and featuring various artists (Liquitek, Nummix, Bop, Dissident & Marginal to name a few) with the intention of solidifying and showcasing the talent that has blossomed on the label. 

Electrosoul System wanted to tell us more about the project and share an exclusive mix.

Prox: Please tell us about why you chose the name Electrosoul System. Was there a particular moment that caused you to select it?

ES: Initially, about 17 years ago, there was one more participant in the Electrosoul System project, Dmitry Shalabass. The name was his idea, but was immediately approved by both of us. It reflects our perception of music and it sounds cool.

Prox: Your music seems to be heavily influenced by space. Why do you have such an interest in cosmic themes?

ES: We all live in space. Whatever we do is a part of it. Space starts inside of us and expands endlessly and so does our music.

Prox: Why do you think Drum & Bass has such a passionate, underground fanbase in Russia? How does the Russian culture and environment impact your sound?

ES: First of all, d’n’b music itself is really passionate. Participation of emcees is not as readily available in Russia, so it is the producer who fills the track to make it sound more musical and leaving less space in the arrangement.

Prox: What can you tell us about the forthcoming album? What energies were you and the folks on KOS.MOS.MUSIC trying to explore with this one?

ES: The concept is best of all reflected in the artwork. Kosmological Conspiracy is about a global cheat. The whole world build by people is a cheat.

They try to deceive the space they live in, but in vain, since the space is anyway larger and mightier.

As for the music, the tracks for this album has been collected for 6 years.

The first one, Landmark by nClear & Triple Sky, put us up to compile an album of tracks united in their uncommonness and special atmosphere. Listening to the CD delivers a full impression of the album. The tracks are unmixed, but compiled specially to help listeners dive into Kosmological Conspiracy atmosphere.   

Prox: Please tell us something that influences your work that we may not know about.

ES: KOS.MOS.MUSIC crew is a true family. We inspire each other very much. My paranoid dreams and constant necessity to tussle with reality and conquer it is an excellent motivation as well.

Prox: Who are some of your favorite artists, businesspeople, or intellectuals?

ES: Favourite artist – Vladimir Putin

favourite businessman – Patriarch Kirill

favourite intellectual – Sergey Kapitsa

Prox: Do you have any favorite hobbies?

ES: Cooking


Prox: Could you give us some tips for aspiring artists?

ES: The main tip is you never know what you can do until you try. There are a couple of proverbs about it in our languages: “pod lezhachiy kamen' voda ne techet” meaning “a rolling stone gathers no moss”; “bez truda ne vylovish' i rybku iz pruda” – “no pain, no gain” and etc.

Prox: Final Thoughts?

ES: Don’t trust politicians.

Kosmological Conspiracy Available September 22, 2017.








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