Dear Unknown Friend... T.G.M Shares Information On His Upcoming LP.

"In August 2016 my daughter was born, which has changed my life in ways I can't explain. The overwhelming amount of love you feel every single day changes just about everything in life. It has definitely impacted the way I write and the overall feel of my music." -Toby Martin

Omni Music knows how to pick them, that much is for sure. The indie label known for it's blossoming talent and psychedelic drum & bass influences has been producing quality acts for some time now under the guidance of one, Chris Wright (perhaps better known as Eschaton). 

Enter Toby George Martin (or T.G.M for short) with Dear Unknown Frienda spiritual drum & bass journey inspired by the posthumous works of one anonymous mystic. 

T.G.M has seamlessly melded his interest in high brow mysticism with rip-roaring drum patterns to produce a truly elevatory experience. 

We have spoken before, but with the new release and new additions to his musical and personal arsenal, the time feels perfect to squeeze some new info out of the virtuoso.

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Prox: Dear Unknown Friend is an interesting title. Why did you choose this and who would you say this release is a letter to? 

T.G.M: I chose the title after coming across the book Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism.

The book was published posthumously and anonymously, in which the author addresses the reader, Dear Unknown Friend. I love the way this creates a relationship between the author and reader even though you are unknown to one another.

Also this LP is in many ways a letter containing my soul, love and emotion, addressed to the listeners, many of whom I don’t know personally but consider dear unknown friends.

Prox: Could you walk us through the creative process for this project and the album cover? What is it trying to relay to the listeners?

T.G.M: The creative process for this LP was a little different to my previous project as I now live in a studio apartment and have a baby daughter who is soaking in every aspect of the project. I wanted to create something that would help sooth and nourish her but still have my trademark sound. I feel that Enya is possibly the perfect music for a baby to listen to growing up so her music played a major part in this project. As for the album cover, I allowed the Omni Music designer to have complete creative freedom after listening to the LP and I thought what he came up with was perfect.


Prox: I’m loving the tone for this release. Where are you at in your life currently that allows you to consistently maintain it throughout the majority of this project?

T.G.M: Thank you, I’m glad you're feeling it. I created this album during a very peaceful and harmonious time in my life that made setting the tone of the LP very easy. It is just a reflection of my day to day feelings and overall surroundings. 

Prox: What has been the most prevalent change in your life since our last interview that has impacted the way you create?

T.G.M: In August 2016 my daughter was born, which has changed my life in ways I can't explain. The overwhelming amount of love you feel every single day changes just about everything in life. It has definitely impacted the way I write and the overall feel of my music.

Prox: Ultimately, how does this LP contribute to your overall goal as a musician? How have you improved since your last release?

T.G.M: This LP is a little different from my previous projects as it is much more stripped back and simple. I honestly see that as an improvement as you have to feel more comfortable and confident with yourself as a songwriter/producer to create very stripped back projects.

I think this contributes to my overall goal as a musician by helping me not necessarily follow rules/guidelines on how to make music and just do what feels right and sounds right.

Prox: Please tell us something about yourself that we may not know that influences your work. 

T.G.M: I actually listen to very little drum and bass so my influences all come from different types of music. I really enjoy listening to the likes of John Denver, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Deep Forest, and of course, Enya, etc. I hope that listening to these styles of music help me create music that is full of beauty, emotion and love.


Prox: Have you found yourself interested in any new artists?

T.G.M: Most definitely, I feel this is really a great time for atmospheric drum and bass. Artists are pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating drum and bass full of emotion and beauty. A tune that I seriously love at the moment is Critical Event & Alexvnder - Can't Get Enough

Prox: What are some books or shows you’re digging these days?

T.G.M: My wife and I have been really delving into some fantastic books based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. One author who’s books we really enjoy is Robert Powell, his books are full of truly mind blowing wisdom and mysteries, covering esoteric christianity, astrology and spiritual science. I really recommend his material to anyone interested in delving deeper into the holy grail mysteries and spiritual science.

Prox: Final Thoughts?

T.G.M: I would like to thank Chris Wright for the release of Dear Unknown Friend and for always supporting me along the way. I also want to thank my brother-in-law, Q-mulus for collaborating with me on the song Sophia’s Return. He is full of catchy riffs and I look forward to creating more music with him in the future.

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