Logic's "Waiting Room" An Outstanding Reimagining of A Classic Short Story.

Logic: Everybody

With the release of Everybody (Logic's third studio effort) we are treated to Waiting Room an interlude based on Andy Weir's short story  The Egg. The story explores human connectedness (and the ethereal nature of what it means to be human) through a brief conversation with someone awaiting reincarnation. In Logic's version, there is an emphasis on race and status, keeping in line with the overall theme of the album.

It's an incredible and seminal piece because of it's implications. It's almost unheard of to see someone with as much mainstream popularity as Logic touch on heavy metaphysical topics like Death (in an abstract context) and reincarnation.

The very existence of this track (along with the entire concept of the album) speaks volumes about the direction that music can take when used to explore, inspire, and uplift. Logic's work with this selection alone moves the genre forward a few years because of what it says and how he chooses to say it. The track feels like an expository scene out of a sci-fi film, and perfectly encompasses the overall message that the Maryland native wishes to convey.

We have to learn to get along with each other and before we can understand the ephemeral, race, love, and humanity, we need to understand ourselves. The album acts as a lens and doubles down by saying that we have to be responsible for our actions and that racism will not change (on a fundamental or philosophical level) until we have accepted this as an irrefutable fact.


The cyclical nature of life as explained to Atom in this story by God (Neil deGrasse Tyson) echoes the sentiments of oft-maligned new age spiritual movements that have become synonymous with free-thinking, hippy culture. Logic's conceptualization of these themes into a succinct and coherent 5 minute song, is monumental. The artist is ushering in a new era where film and music can unify to explore unseen realms of music philosophy and it is nothing short of incredible.

These characters would be brilliant vehicles to explore these same themes again and solidify an interesting continuity within this universe he has created. The only thing wrong with Waiting Room is that it ends. I would love to see an ambient side-project using these same characters and their poignant banter exploring more high-brow topics.

Logic if you're reading this, I need the ambient track in the background.

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