Album Review: Aural Imbalance "Propagation of Light"

Electronic maestro Aural Imbalance (Simon Huxtable) releases yet another quality project entitled Propagation of Light on Stasis Recordings. This LP is a cross-genre affair featuring selections in Drum & Bass, Dub, and Techno.

As to be expected with any release from Aural, the expansive range of high quality synths are on full display as perfectly mixed ambience. Across the board, the audio output is superb and there are never any unintended glitches, pops, or commonalities that tend to accompany over EQ’d or muddy tracks. The release is extremely consistent as far engineering goes, but musically the three standout titles for me are Grown Up, Just Breathe, and Worlds Apart. These particular tracks do an outstanding job of encapsulating the energy that I have come to know and love from Aural’s discography. Worlds Apart is the final song, but wraps up the release in style, closing out another fantastic addition to his catalogue. The best truly is saved for last here as this deep atmospheric roller is head and shoulders above many of the titles; In a release this steady, that’s saying something. 

The wild card and most interesting selection here would have to be Just Breathe. It retains all of the elements that are mainstays of Aural’s best work, but it tones down and restrains the drums and opts for a relatively subtle bass line. To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a completely ambient release in his catalogue so this was an a refreshing preview of what could happen some day. If anyone has the acumen and resources for an incredible ambient project, it’s him.

My least favorite tracks would have to be Navigate to Now and the titular Propagation of Light. Neither are bad tracks, but both are a bit too upbeat when played next to the other selections on the album. It’s almost jarring especially when both have the misfortunate of coming before what I feel is the best track this release has to offer.

It's almost unfair at this point but Aural notches his belt yet again and shows no signs of slowing down. Be sure to check out this interview with Aural.

You can follow Aural here, here, or here and purchase Propagation of Light, here.

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