Prox Recommends... Ambient Music: Albums I Love and So Will You.

Lately i've been listening to a copious amount of ambient music so i've decided to share some of my favorite albums from the genre with you. As with my DnB article, these are in no particular order and I am more than likely missing some as I am constantly discovering new albums and artists. However these are some albums that have had a lasting impact on me.

Jonson: Mindlook

Harold Karla’s (operating under the Jonson moniker) Mindlook is an excellent example of meditative space ambient as it’s a fantastic mesh of expansive drone but minimal enough for introspection. In my opinion, this is easily one of the most underrated albums of it’s genre. “Future Will Be The Presents Past” is a superb representation of this project’s “message” and truly showcases what the genre is capable of. While Jonson has definitely taken cues from some of his contemporaries (i’d be shocked if he’s unfamiliar with the work of Pete Namlook, may he rest in peace) he manages to create an interesting sound of his own.

Ryuichi Sakamoto & Christian Fennesz: Cendre

This is one of the busier albums on this list. Sakamoto’s piano compositions are perfect compliments to the gentle pops and whirring of Fennesz’s lo-fi atmosphere. It's definitely one of the more grounded ambient albums that I’ve been attracted to over the years. “Haru” is probably my favorite track from the project and sounds a bit more like what I’ve come to expect from the legendary composer. Cendre was a surprisingly easy listen for me considering that I usually prefer spacier, synth based ambient but this release is stellar in my humble opinion.

Harold Budd & John Foxx: Translucence/Drift Music

This is the project that got me interested in piano based ambient tracks. Budd & Foxx just “get it” here and you can truly tell that they were completely in sync during this project’s inception. “Raindust” “You Again” “Sunlit Silhouette” and “Long Light” are just a few of the songs from this outstanding compilation that left me speechless. Maybe it’s just because of it’s psuedo-classical underpinnings, it “feels” like art. 

Thom Brennan: Stories from the Forest

SftF has a special place in my heart because I listened to it every night for almost a week straight when I went camping for the first time outside of Mackinaw City, Michigan. I actually got the chance to interview Thom and he feels that this is definitely amongst his best work. Stories is eerie, somber, and definitely a departure from some of Thom’s earlier work but is still a marvelous and welcomed addition to his storied (hehe) body of work.

Here are some honorable mentions:

Eternell: Waking Music

Kevin Kendle: Light from Andromeda

Darshan Ambient: The Zen Master’s Diary

William Basinski: Watermusic I & II

What are some of your favorites? Let me know down below.

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