Androcell: Androcell On His Short Sabbatical, the Grumpy Robot EP, and an Exclusive Mix.

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"What has changed the most is my personal evaluation of what creating, performing, listening, and dancing to music really means to me at this point in life." -Androcell

Androcell is the Psy-Dub project of Tyler Smith, who has been producing expansive synth-laden electronica for years now.

After a six month sabbatical in which he reevaluated his life and work, it became apparent that music is important to him and his mission. This has inspired the producer to continue creating deep psy-dub for his fans to enjoy.

With his Grumpy Robot EP set to release in the coming months, I thought now would be a good time to catch up with Androcell and see what else he has in store for us.

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Prox: It’s been a little over two years since our first interview. What do you think has changed the most for you during that time? How does that contribute to the quality and emotion of your productions?

Androcell: What has changed the most is my personal evaluation of what creating, performing, listening, and dancing to music really means to me at this point in life. I took 6 months to step away from the music and explore what I could be doing instead. This experience showed me that I missed it very deeply and needed to be doing it again more than ever. The world will always need music that helps people come together and feel good. I must be a part in that effort for my own sake and each other. The love that culminated during my hiatus is being poured into my current studio work, no doubt.

Prox: I recently discovered that you’ve done some of the artwork for your albums. How often do you dabble in the visual arts? What’s your creative process typically like?

Androcell: Actually, I have done the artwork for all of my albums, except “Imbue” from 2014, which was hand painted by Colorado artist and awesome friend, Jack Shure

In the past, I used to create digital artwork way more than music. These days, I do it so much less than producing music, generally only when commissioned. My creative process is like most artists, I suppose. A little inspiration triggers a lot of perspiration using the self-taught skills and digital tool sets I’ve worked out over the past 20 years.  

Prox: What’s the scoop on your upcoming Grumpy Robot EP? How does the title and artwork relate to the sonics of the release?

Androcell: I am working on a third track right now, currently untitled, that I feel the EP needs in order to be a true Extended Play. The title track Grumpy Robot will hopefully be polished clean and a little menacing like the robot artwork on the cover.

The back cover will feature artwork of an old, chrome transistor radio at sunset in relation to the track Blistering Transistors

Prox: Does it echo the vibes or sentiments of any your previous releases? How close is it to what you’d consider your best work?

Androcell: It definitely echoes what I’ve been doing since 2014 and hopefully expands on it. The Androcell project has wandered in different directions and styles over the years. So, it is really hard to consider what my best work is. Fans and listeners have their own opinions and that’s cool. I am continually just making the music that I want and feeling at the present time.

Prox: Are there any elements that you’d like to add into your tracks that you feel were missing before?

Androcell: I would really like to try working with and recording some quality female vocalists at some point.

Prox: Could you fill us in on any changes to your workspace? What is some gear and programs you’re using during your process?

Androcell: Things are pretty dialed in my humble studio, for the most part. I did acquire a Spectral Audio – Neptune 2 analog synth rack unit that delivered up an amazing bass line for the title track, Grumpy Robot. It’s a sweet little blue beast, for sure. I primarily produce in Ableton Live to sketch things out and then bounce everything into Logic Pro to do the engineering and final mixdown. Most of the soft synths and plugins I use are likely considered “ancient” by now but I still get by with them. I also mix in a decent amount of outboard signals from my dusty machines surrounding me and plug in a mic now and then. I pipe all the external signals through a Mackie Onyx 1640 mixer bus into a MOTU 24i connected to a Mac Pro. Everything then gets mixed down in the can. 


Prox: Any new artists, creatives, music, or entertainment you think we should check out?

Androcell: Always keep an eye on what Globular is doing. Morison deserves high support!

Prox: Final Thoughts?

Androcell: Thank you for your continued support, Prox!

Peace and respect to all my friends, fans, and listeners worldwide! Thank you!

Here are some other recent Androcell news bits:

Androcell 2-Hour Mix now available for download in full quality, 16bit .wav format at Bandcamp.

Androcell - Imbue - 24bit Audio Sample Packs are now available in full quality, original 24bit .wav format. 12 minute audio demo is online.

Don't miss Androcell on Bandcamp, Facebook, or his Website for new developments in his life and work.

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