Aerotek: Electronic Music, Passion, and Need for Speed.

"My name relates to my music on the underlying philosophies from which I nurture my art, both personal and learned." -Aerotek

After being inspired by Rom Di Prisco's soundtrack for the first installment of Need for Speed, Aerotek took it upon himself to begin creating electronic music of his own.

While he has consistently provided his listeners with pulse-pounding EDM, he has made his musical journey one of transcendence.

"More than genres, i'm really passionate about ideas. About the stuff that crafts art. Why is this this way? How does it affect its purpose? What does it do?"

By moving beyond genre convention, he has been able to create some amazing compositions that fans all over the world have been able to experience as a result of his healthy touring schedule.

I spoke with him about his influences, interests, and work.

Prox: Why did you settle on the name Aerotek? How does it relate to your sonic choices?

Aero: Aerotek was an idea that had been roaming in my head for some years before I chose it as my pseudonym. I wanted something true to myself, honest, and that had the ability to convey a contemporary, electronic feel. The Aero part comes from my second passion, aeronautics, as i've been handed a piloting passion down from my father. The tek, well. A combination of techne and technolos. Music made with purpose. With ideas. With technology. My name relates to my music on the underlying philosophies from which I nurture my art, both personal and learned. 

Prox: Rom Di Prisco’s Need for Speed soundtrack was a big part of your decision to become a producer. Are you still interested in video games the way you were when you first began making music?

Aero: Yes! Absolutely. The thing is that Rom’s soundtrack for that game actually opened my perception to electronic music. It kind of changed me somehow. Even though I play video games less often than before, that mindset change made me very critical of the audio aspect of game design. I'm still really observant of the sound design on each element and of the music. Especially if it's adaptive music that changes its elements on definite cues. 

Prox: Do you have any other aliases that you create under? What are some other genres you’re passionate about?

Aero: In the past, I made a few tracks under the monikers Softwater, Infinitium, and Stephane vs. Lucius. I ultimately left them behind to focus solely on Aerotek. 

More then genres, i'm really passionate about ideas. About the stuff that crafts art. Why is this this way? How does it affect its purpose? What does it do? I like making unrestrained music and my first album is a true testimony to this. Drum n’ Bass, Trance, Progressive House, or Trip-Hop. I just love music, man!


Prox: How would you describe your sound signature? 

Aero: I would say it's a melodic yet energetic blend of electronic dance music. The rest… is up to who is listening to define ;)

Prox: You’ve seen quite a bit of acclaim and have some pretty impressive supporters. How do you remain humble and hungry? What drives you to perfect your craft even further?

Aero: That’s a great question. For some time in the past, I was very self-centered. I think that constant meditation and gratification do the trick. They keep you centered and open to the things that are important: being kind and patient, exploring new ways and means of creating and sharing, and more important, it helps you find the reason for your actions (i.e., why am I making music?).

I think there's a healthy dose of ambition in this as well. Ambition helps you to find and research new ways to create and express. 

Prox: What are some festivals you’re looking forward to playing?

Aero: I was given the opportunity to play at Road To Ultra, in Chile. This was the one I was looking forward to playing the most so it was awesome.

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Prox: Please tell us something that influences your work that we may not know about.

Aero: Well, other than Rom Di Prisco, I really like Yoko Kanno. Her eclectic, elegant and tasty style has had quite an influence on me. Also, Paul Haslinger and Marco Beltrami, with their rather industrial and dark soundtrack feel, have inspired me sonically to find new flavors for my work. 

Among other major influences, there are works by people such as Imogen Heap, Chemical Brothers, William Orbit, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Probspot, Tiësto, Massive Attack, Andy Moor, Dinka, Orbital, Lenno, and so many others, I can barely make them fit in this paragraph!

Prox:  Do you have any favorite hobbies?

Aero: I really like sports, so I'm constantly doing stuff like biking, surfing, snowboarding, or whatever I get a chance to try. I also like Aikido a lot. More recently, I tried cooking and I happened to have a hidden talent there!

Prox: Could you give us some tips for aspiring artists?

Aero: If you really wanna do something… then do it. But really do it. 

Prox: Final Thoughts?

Aero: I’d love some pasta, please!

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