Interview With Hip Hop Producer, Floyd Cheung.

"Make something dope, don't delude yourself!" -Floyd Cheung

Floyd Cheung is a Hip Hop producer currently living in Hong Kong and has made a name for himself with his soul driven, sample based productions. In the underground circuit, Floyd managed to secure a spot on TallBlackGuy’s esteemed “Tempo Dreams” series (which is how I was introduced to him) and the track “Based Jam” for a then up and coming Lil B (the Bay Area’s own left-field, abstract lyricist).

Now contributing to the Hong Kong Hip Hop scene as one of the resident producers for Wildstyle Records and collaborating with many other artists (like Shanghai's Svbkvlt) I had the opportunity to speak to him and learn more about his roots, inspirations, and the Chinese Hip Hop community.

Prox: Let’s start by learning a bit about your background. Where are you from and how did you get involved with music?

Floyd: I’m from the UK and HK. Lived in both places but working in Hong Kong now. I was doing Art before but came to the realization that I should be doing music instead.

Prox: How did you find yourself getting interested in the loop culture? What was it about sample hits (something that a lot of live performers use) that caught your ear? Do you think it engages the listener more?

Floyd: My friend introduced me to J Dilla, that was it haha. I don’t think loops engage people more, but there is something beautiful about loops. Some good beats that one could listen to for several hours on repeat. Is that crazy?

Prox: Who were some of the artists that influenced you growing up?

Floyd: I listened to a lot of different music growing up, but the influences for beats were Dilla, 9th Wonder, Elaquent, Mr. Dibiase, Flying Lotus, Khrysis, that kinda stuff.

Prox: What are some of your favorite kinds of samples? Is there any genre (or era) that you think produces better samples over others for your particular style?

Floyd: For the beats, definitely 70/80s Funk, Soul, R&B, something smooth, something with good vibes.

Prox: You’re currently living in Hong Kong. What is the overall attitude and vibe like in the Hip Hop community there? Is the energy the same as where you grew up? Has the move helped to add things to your creative process?

Floyd: Yeah Hip Hop is good here, could be bigger, could be smaller. There’s a lot of people doing their thing though; Kmelo, Delf, pushing that area, hopefully we’ll see it more. Most people here like K-Pop and Canto-Pop, just all this pop. But that’s because that’s all the major labels promote here, hopefully it will change. Maybe they just gotta change their A&R team haha.

Prox: What’s it like being involved with Wildstyle Records? How has the label helped you evolve as an artist?

Floyd: Shoutout Wildstyle, they are fam. We work together towards a common goal and it’s good to have people that you know well to give you feedback and constructive criticism and help you improve. It’s also good to work with real people rather than the checkout my Soundcloud inbox thing. 

Prox: You’ve worked with quite a few artists, with Lil B being a definite standout. Tell us a bit about how the process worked. Were you surprised to see that he had taken an interest in your work?

Floyd: Oh yeah damn shoutout to Lil B haha. I just sent him a bunch of beats and he picked that one, even more surprising was the video too! I need to send him more, but been focused on reppin Hong Kong and Asia.

Prox: What are some of the biggest differences for you when producing instrumentals strictly for looping or listening as standalone pieces as opposed to working with rappers?

Floyd: For me they are the same. I was trying to do something similar to Dilla, so just loops, beats and rhymes, as opposed to something more than that.

Prox: Who are some artists that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Floyd: Any artist if I think they are good, definitely Future.

Prox: Who are some of your favorite contemporary artists?

Floyd: Right now, I been listening to a lot of trap, and just random stuff, all on here.

Prox: Favorite hobbies?

Floyd: As of now, Logic Pro, Youtube, PS4, Bed, iPhone haha.

Prox: Tips for aspiring artists?

Floyd: Make something dope, don't delude yourself!

Prox: Information on upcoming releases and projects?

Floyd: New vid with Wildstyle droppin soon! Perhaps something with Shanghai label SVBKVLT, check em out!

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