Jaspreet Singh: Embodying the Minority Mindset.

Credit: Substanc3 Media  " Don’t be the majority. And as always, keep hustling ." - Jaspreet Singh

Credit: Substanc3 Media

"Don’t be the majority. And as always, keep hustling." -Jaspreet Singh

The industrious cityscapes of the Midwest are often underrated and overlooked when compared to it's coastal contemporaries. However there is something ingrained into the spirit of it's inhabitants, an insatiable hunger and proletariat swagger that seems to be an integral part of this region's culture.

Enter metro-Detroit's Jaspreet Singh, entrepreneur and creator of the increasingly popular Minority Mindset, real estate investor, and event planning maestro.

Jaspreet and his team aims to create a culture of perseverance and self-efficacy for those who are interested in the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

He has used his talents and strong faith to propel him to where he is today. 

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Prox: How does Sikhism influence the way you conduct business?

Jaspreet: Because I am a Sikh, I tie a turban and keep a beard. Seeing these articles of faith remind me of who I am and what I come from. So when I do business, my faith is a constant reminder of my principles and values.

Prox: Why do you think there has been such an influx of aspiring entrepreneurs? Do you think it’s just what the current economy calls for or do you think something more spiritual is taking place?

Jaspreet: Partially that. Plus the economic climate is changing. Job security isn’t what it was. People are not happy at their jobs. And retirement has become a thing of the past. People want something better and I believe entrepreneurship is the answer. 

Prox: What do you think it is about the Midwest that lends itself well to entrepreneurial endeavors?

Jaspreet: We don’t have the glamour that the east and west coasts have. We’re the nitty gritty people that grind and get things done. It’s a different culture. 

Prox: How has the culture and landscape of Michigan influenced your business pursuits?

Jaspreet: I grew up in the metro-Detroit area so I feel I have a duty to take care of my community. I’ve done guest speaking in Detroit public schools, we’ve done food drives for the underprivileged, and we’ve been a part of quite a few other community service events.

Prox: What are the tenets (aside from always making a profit) every good businessman should live by?

Jaspreet: Be disciplined and have principal. 

Prox: in your opinion, how can we practice these ideas consistently so that they become a part of us?

Jaspreet: Know what your value and your purpose is. Once you know that, follow it. 

Prox: If you could give your eighteen year old self some advice, what would it be?

Jaspreet: Do something different, take risks, and try new things. You never know what you’ll learn.  

Credit: Substanc3 Media

Prox: Tell us something about yourself that we may not know that influences your work.

Jaspreet: You hit the nail on the head with the first question. My faith and my culture are a big influence on me. 

Prox: Who are some of your favorite artists, business people, creatives or intellectuals?

Jaspreet: I’m a fan of anyone who defied all odds to prove society wrong. J.K. Rowling, Steve Harvey, Oprah, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, it’s a long list. 

Prox: Favorite Hobbies?

Jaspreet: Working out, basketball, hiking.

Prox: Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and Youtubers?

Jaspreet: Don’t be scared to be different and infuse your personality in what you do. People are tired of the same old boring stuff.

Prox: Information on upcoming projects and releases?

Jaspreet: Stay tuned on our Minority Mindset YouTube Channel to see them as they come ☺

Prox: Final Thoughts?

Jaspreet: Don’t be the majority. And as always, keep hustling. 

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