Interview With Entrepreneur and Creator of Emagine Theatres, Paul Glantz.

"The movie industry is going to be around long after I'm gone. But there's no question we're in a more competitive world - a hyper-competitive world, actually. We constantly have to find ways to differentiate ourselves, to draw people away from their homes to be entertained." -Paul Glantz

Paul Glantz is an entrepreneur and mastermind behind the Midwestern Emagine Entertainment Theatre chain. With an emphasis on customer appreciation and comfort, the entertainment network has garnered immense praise and recognition.

Innovation is key for both Paul and his businesses and as a result of this, he and Emagine have been able to keep their finger on the pulse and stay ahead of the competition with the latest technological advancements.

Paul's contribution to cinema should not be understated and the Michigander has succeeded in creating a high end atmosphere for moviegoers to immerse themselves in. 

I spoke with Paul about business, Emagine, and the future of movie consumption.

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Prox: What are some things that were lacking from the traditional theatre experience in your opinion? 

Paul: Stadium seating, adult beverages, and luxury atmosphere.

Prox: Does being an influencer in the theatre entertainment business give you a greater appreciation for how films are made? 

Paul: Yes, when it comes to innovations with sound and picture, it is remarkable how far filmmaking has come. 

Prox: What are some perks of being an owner as opposed to being a viewer? 

Paul: Candidly, it has been our vision that each guest feel as comfortable and relaxed as they may in their own home. Therefore, the ownership perks that I’ve experienced have been integrated into our theatre operations: reclining chairs, reserved seating, and personal service. 

Prox: With technology advancing every second, how important is it to research new methods for viewing and distributing film? 

Paul: We pride ourselves on being industry leaders. We were the first theatre chain worldwide to convert to 100% digital projection; the first theatre in Michigan to install Dolby Atmos. As technology advances, so will we. Other updates include Xbrite 3D, DBOX motion seats, and Timeplay interactive preshow. 

Prox: Do you think VR headsets will ever be incorporated into the movie going experience? 

Paul: It is certain, although still in early progress at this time. 

Prox: I think with the current state of the economy many people have taken an interest in investing and passive income. What are some successful, low-risk investment strategies for beginning entrepreneurs with little capital? 

Paul: Find what you are passionate about, research the financials, and most importantly, be able to prove your income. The goal is to have a business where all of your guests do not fire you. If I go work for a boss and the boss doesn’t like me, I’m just working to please one person, not necessarily my customers. I see greater job security in entrepreneurship than I see in actual employment. You just have to internalize the risk reward ratio.

Prox: Many people from casual filmgoers to professional publications have praised Emagine Theatres and your contributions to Midwestern cinema. What would you like your achievements to symbolize for young Michiganders who aspire to follow in your footsteps? 

Paul: I would hope to be remembered as one who always pursued the golden rule.

Prox: You’re also heavily involved in philanthropy. How have you used film to make the world a better place? Is there something that you often see in the establishments that put a smile on your face?

Paul: I did recently use screen time to share this story. It is always rewarding to see families at the theatres enjoying quality time together. Ultimately, it puts a smile on my face if we can offer a better quality theatre experience than other chains can. I believe we achieve this by putting more focus on the guest experience.

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Prox: Favorite Hobbies? 

Paul: Movies, bowling, travel, boating, grilling, and local sporting events.

Prox: Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to start their own programs or services?

Paul: I learned the value of working hard, and found that I would do my best work whenever I put the interest of those I was working with before me.

Prox: Information on upcoming projects and releases? 

Paul: We are always looking for the right opportunity to present itself. When it does, we will be there.

Prox: Final Thoughts? 

Paul: The movie industry is going to be around long after I'm gone. But there's no question we're in a more competitive world - a hyper-competitive world, actually. We constantly have to find ways to differentiate ourselves, to draw people away from their homes to be entertained. If we don't the economic system will take care of us. It's why we're constantly innovating our theaters to be more of a destination.

You can learn more about Paul and Emagine Entertainment, here, here, and here.

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