A Canvas Is What You Make It: Tal Peleg on Her Fascinating Eye Art

Tal Peleg is an artist from Israel that has found an intriguing new way to display her passion for make-up.

Using the structure surrounding the eye as her canvas, Tal is able to create ethereal art that explores various quadrants of the color spectrum. By doing this, she can effectively convey a palpable sense of whimsy to the viewers.

While the eyes themselves are often revered for their spiritual implications and reputation as the "windows to the soul", it is her incorporation of abstraction and/or pop culture into each piece that unveils new avenues in which we can view the intricacies of make-up art. 

I know very little about the medium, but creatives like Tal are giving me a greater appreciation for what can be accomplished by experienced artists.

When asked about what inspires her, Tal said:

"I always try to challenge myself to create something people haven't seen before, and pushing the limits between makeup and illustration. When I start a new design, I look at a picture of my eye and think how can I use the eye as a canvas for my next work."

By disregarding the limitations of herself and the medium, she has been able to create something truly fascinating. 

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Prox: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up, how did you get into makeup, and when did you notice you were passionate about it?

Tal: I was born in Israel. Art and makeup was always a passion of mine since I was a child, and I always thought of makeup as form of art. in high school I used to teach myself how to do makeup (there were no makeup tutorials online back than), and later went to makeup school.

The eye art I create was my own idea by mixing the passion of art, illustration, and makeup.

Prox: What is it about the eye itself that inspires you to create?

Tal: The eye is the mirror to the soul. It has a special power. Also, I really love makeup, especially eye makeup, and turning it into illustrations, by using the curves of the eye in a creative way, is a challenge I love.

Prox: Some of your art is very trippy and ethereal. Why did you decide to use this aesthetic for many of your designs? Where does this inspiration come from?

Tal: I guess that's my own unique style of illustration, that I turned into eye-art. 

Prox: What were some of the most difficult aspects of elevating your designs beyond the staples (winged eyeliner, conturing, shadowing, etc) of makeup application?

Tal: I always try to challenge myself to create something people haven't seen before, and pushing the limits between makeup and illustration. When I start a new design, I look at a picture of my eye and think how can I use the eye as a canvas for my next work. It's important to me not just to draw on the eye or around it (I never paint on a close lid, for example), but to use the shape of the eye and its curves, as well as the eyebrow, as part of the illustration (for example, painting a cat on the eye by using the lid as its body and the brow as its tail).

Prox: From a business perspective, how can aspiring artists brand, distinguish, and rise above the competition? What pointers would you give to individuals who look up to you?

Tal: I think that being successful is a matter of talent, but also of timing... people like to see things they didn't see before, so if you come up with a new idea or concept first, it's more likely you will rise above the other people. That's why it's important to always think outside the box, try to be innovative and creative, and always try to reinvent yourself. 

Prox: Ultimately, where would you like your talents to take you? Do you see yourself working in Hollywood or starting your own makeup line?

Tal: I don't wish to work on Hollywood or as a celebrity makeup artist, because I'm more about the art... I have some new projects and ideas on mind, some of them involve makeup and some art and illustration. 

Prox: What is something that influences your work that we may not know about?

Tal: Although a lot of my works are very colorful, naive, and happy, I take a lot of inspiration from gothic and dark artists like Edgar Allan Poe and Tim Burton.

Prox: Are there any artists, books, music, or movies/TV shows you’d like to recommend to the readers?

Tal: There are so many, It's hard for me to think of just one! What I have in mind right now is a recommendation for the movie The Song of the Sea. It's an animated movie, and I think it's the most beautiful film I ever saw. Amazing animation. I was very inspired by it.

Prox: Information on upcoming projects and releases?

Tal: I will keep it a secret for now ;) My latest project was my baby boy, he is 6 months old and takes a lot of my time... hope to be back on track soon! But he's definitely my most amazing project ever!

Prox: Final Thoughts?

Tal: Thank you for the interview!

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