The Revolution Begins Within: Marcia Annor (INUQO) on Creativity and the Spiritual Renaissance.

I have posted hundreds of interviews on Inside the Rift at this point but few individuals have represented it's overall message as well as artist Marcia Annor.

Marcia's work attempts to depict the necessary spiritual renaissance that must take place within the annuls of human consciousness if we wish to see an improvement on this Earth.

She recognizes that through her art, she has the ability to connect with her higher self and share her findings with the world at large. In regards to this she stated that:

"Creativity helps me to stay more open minded and less subjective. It helps me be more in-tune with myself and express myself the way God intended me to. It helps me understand, be more aware and love better."

By unmasking and deciphering the often coded messages presented to us via the powerful universal frequencies relayed to us on a daily basis, she hopes to raise awareness here on planet Earth.

The current debt and death paradigm that has been inextricably (and foolishly) linked with civility, progress, and success must be restructured if we hope to see genuine camaraderie in the contemporary world.

She discusses her work, messages, and spiritual journey in this candid interview.

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Prox: How did you go about developing your own style? Has your work always taken on a more abstract aesthetic or was this something you found in time?

Marcia: Whiles at school, my work was a mixture of abstract and traditional. I was more or less experimenting throughout the lessons. It wasn't until I started studying at University that I began to develop my own style. It was from watching and falling in love with abstract animated films and documentaries. I began to draw space/universe/galaxies because it was a subject that I was fascinated with and I was curious about the other planets and what was really out there. I never really felt like Earth was my home because of the oppressed system that we live in. I then started incorporating the human figure with space. At first it was black and white and then as I started adding colour, my work looked almost psychedelic even though I was never taking any at the time that I first started creating and posting online. When I made the decision to focus sorely on creating conscious art, this further solidified my style.

Prox: Could you discuss your artistic credo? Why do you create visual art over other forms of expression?

Marcia: I create visual art because from a young age drawing always brought me joy. I used to watch my older brother draw Dragon Ball Z and other anime characters. I thought it was so cool and wanted to do the same thing. As I started expressing myself through this medium it became apparent that I had a natural artistic talent. I am grateful that I had people in my life that encouraged and pushed my creativity in order to be where I am today. Visual art speaks to the soul in a way the other forms do not. I think its magic the way that paintings, sculptures, digital art, animations, etc can bring about such unexplainable emotions and open the mind to a new perspective on reality. For a long while and most definitely for the rest of this lifetime, my purpose here is to raise the frequency and vibrations of the souls on planet Earth through my creativity.

Prox: Your work seems to be driven by your spiritual beliefs. What initially introduced you to these concepts and what about them impacted you enough to depict them so prominently?

Marcia: It was through pain and suffering that I found God and started becoming less religious and more spiritual. Although it was forced onto me as a child, growing up I was never really religious to begin with.

When I started going through immense mental suffering, I was not aware that it was the best thing that could happen to me because through this suffering I started asking questions. Questions such as "what is the point of living?" "why am I even alive I have no purpose?" etc. When I started asking questions the universe slowly started showing me the answers.

Most people don't bother to ask questions, they just go along with what they have been told to do, what they have been told to believe. Work 9 to 5 at a job that makes you unhappy, believe in a religion that says they are the only true religion and hates or condemn all other religions, it's okay to go to war in another country and kill innocent people for money, land and resources etc. It just seemed ridiculous and pretty much evil. Through suffering I became more compassionate and did not see myself as part of this world it just didn't seem natural.

As I started meditating it led me to gain further knowledge about myself and the concept of God. I began to have experiences of just loving without attachments, being one with all and not being a sheep like most of us are. My artwork and the artwork of others also contributed to driving my spiritual beliefs. Most importantly seeing other people suffer drove my spiritual beliefs the most. I just had a strong feeling that the way we live was wrong and wanted to better it, in thinking this way I became spiritual. Living in-tune with God and his/her/it's creation rather than against it.

Prox: What are some things that help you connect with these beliefs?

Marcia: Meditation helps immensely to calm my mind and think clearer but psychedelics took it a whole other level. I have only taken it once (LSD) in 2016 and it was such a profound experience that expanded my knowledge, opened up my eyes to the reality we live in and completely changed my perspective on life. It basically woke me the fuck up. Before the trip I was half awake. I knew I was God and a piece of God, I knew I was everything but I never truly felt it at all. However on that day, I actually felt myself as God. I felt and saw myself as everyone and everything it was wonderful. There was so much information coming into my mind, every 10 seconds I was like "Woah." I felt the Earth breathing, everything had energy, everything was alive. I could see patterns inside my skin. I saw auras around my families bodies as well and sounds were so sharp. Oh and everything was breathing, I could see my paintings actually vibrating and pulsating. I was in pure joy, my God I felt soooooo much love I wanted to go outside and hug the first person I saw and tell them how grateful I was that they were here on Earth with me.

The amount of love and compassion I had was so immense I had to actually force myself not to do certain things such as hug and "over love" people that I was not fond with. It was an indescribable experience because I finally realized that I was the creator of my reality, how pointless and controlling the system we live in is and most importantly that NOTHING was separate from each other and that there is only one energy in existence split into many forms. I was just that energy expressing itself as Marcia!

Prox: I am heavily intrigued by your work from the perspective of a black male but would love to hear about black femininity. How does creativity help you reclaim elements that we may have lost as a result of our tumultuous history?

Marcia: Creativity helps me to stay more open minded and less subjective. It helps me be more in-tune with myself and express myself the way God intended me to. It helps me understand, be more aware and love better.

The left side of your brain is Masculine, it's structure, it's order, it's logic, linear, hard, competitive. The right side of the brain is Feminine, it's heart, intuition, creative, nurturing, understanding, patient and open.

We live in a world that is far too masculine which is one of the things that is running the world down. We need more of the feminine energy on earth in order to heal, we need balance.

Prox: As a cross-media artist, i’d love to know about the programs and tools you use. What is some of your favorite equipment to use during your process?

Marcia: I use the Adobe Suite programs. The main ones being Animate, After Effects, Photoshop and Premier Pro. I love recording/taking pictures with my Canon 700D and then editing it on these softwares. I also use traditional materials like acrylic, oils, markers etc.

Prox: Any new artists, books, music, or movies/shows you’d like to recommend?

Marcia: My favourite films are Baraka, Samsara, Ashes and Snow, and Powaqqatsi. These documentaries explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of humanity's spirituality and the human experience. Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, the films takes the form of a nonverbal, guided meditation. The visuals are absolutely stunning and inspires me so very much , I'm always left in awe when I see how destructive the human nature can be and how other worldly beautiful our planet is every time I watch these films.

I tend to watch a lot of documentaries about earth some of them being Chronos, Koyaanisqatsi, Microcosmos, Naqoyqatsi, and Home. There are other films such as Waking Life, Planetary, Our Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Into the Wild, Samadhi : Maya, the Illusion of the Self, The Reality of Me (TROM) and Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds.

Music: The Underachievers, Fevertribe, Donny Arcade, Pantheon Elite, Tavious Soul, Homiesonly Records.

Books: The Bhagavad Gita, Conversations with God, Creativity by Osho and Awareness by Osho.

Prox: Would you like to share some information on any upcoming releases you have on the horizon?

Marcia: I plan on creating a film which tells the true story of Earth, especially detailing the real history of melanated beings to help educate and empower us. I also plan on making a series of short films based on certain topics such as the exploitation of animals, the illusion of separateness, love for our planet, materialism, etc in hopes of bringing awareness and change into our reality and raising our vibrations as a collective.

Prox: Final Thoughts?

Marcia: Isolate yourself from all the bullshit and slay all the bullshit in your life. Empty your cup, empty it. Go somewhere isolate yourself for a long time from everybody and GET TO KNOW YOU. Go research and watch what happens when you connect to nature, go. Just separate yourself and question EVERYTHING. Stop believing what you've been told just because everyone does, stop caring about what others think and how they view you because you're actually judging yourself when you do that.

Think for yourself and do not think based on other people's beliefs that have been projected onto you since birth. Actually sit down with yourself and ask what the fuck all of this is, why you are here, who really are you, why do you behave a certain way, why the world is the way it is. 

Isolate yourself, get to know yourself and your home. There is a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us. We need to wake up and fall in love with the Earth. Our personal and collective happiness & survival depends on it. Much love!

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