Spirit Expressing Itself: Archan Nair on Art, India, and Spirituality.

"Existence is incredible.. embrace all and flow." -Archan Nair

Meet multi-media artist Archan Nair out of India.

A student of non-dualist tradition and philosophy, Archan uses deep meditation for inspiration and insight. He sees his art as just another vehicle for the exuberant energy present within the universe to freely express itself.

His work is teaming with psychedelic influences and he often creates abstract depictions of higher realms. In spite of this, Archan has opted to forgo the use of illicit substances instead choosing to explore more natural pathways to the numinous.

Many people are dazzled by his interesting take on contemporary art and this has earned him the opportunity to collaborate with brands like Canon, Nike, and Sony, and artists like Kanye West

In this interview, Archan shares a bit about himself and his work.

Prox: It seems like many artists, creatives, and intellectuals have been influenced by Indian culture and ideology. What do you think it is about the landscape and lore of India that captivates so many people?

Archan: I feel its the unorganized patterns and fractal like structures which have existed since the culture began ages back. Being so ancient and till now its just looped into something pretty incredible. On the outside, it does not make any sense, yet so much diversity and love resides in the spirit of the culture in the region. This earthiness and rawness seems truly inspiring and attractive as well!

Prox: There is an excellent display of color in your work. How does your utilization of these vibrant schemes contribute to the depth and symbolism of each piece?

Archan: I feel living in this country has given me so much and influenced my sensibilities in a deep unknowing way. Most of what I express comes out very naturally without even thinking. It's just embedded into my programming it seems.

Prox: How does your artwork reflect your spiritual and philosophical beliefs? Why have you chosen to depict these abstract elements?

Archan: I am just fascinated by the process of exploring unknown spaces and how consciousness creates infinite particles through us as consciousness. It’s like a ripple. Hence my contemplation just drives me and excited me to experiment and explore more and abstraction is so exciting this way.

Prox: One thing that often surprises people is that you actually don’t use drugs. Could you discuss your meditation regimen and specific techniques you use to go as deep as you do?

Archan: Yes, I have been really focused into my deep practice of non-dualism which leads me to take my attention to the source again and again and brings me to this space of presence and stillness. Practicing being present and training the mind to take its attention to its source has just opened a gateway for me where everything just feels so magical, so intricately connected. As there is just consciousness, the divine spirit flowing and manifesting through all there is. So my enquiry and journey has been to be in this state almost all the time naturally, which is certainly possible. It's about diving within rather than outside.

Prox: What is it about the numinous that is important enough for you to depict it so much in your art? 

Archan: All there is, is the spirit and the spirit expressing itself, knowing itself through itself in diverse infinite forms. That truly fascinates me and makes me dive deeper into its love. every pain, joy, state is such a pure way of how the divine is truly whole and complete. I don’t think it can even be expressed through words or even art.

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Prox: You’ve gotten the opportunity to work with some iconic brands and individuals. What would you say to the people out there who are currently struggling to find their place in the artistic world from a financial standpoint?

Archan: Being creative and independent always has baggage that comes with it, but its important to focus on what is, and surrender to each moment as everything is fine the way it is. I would just like to say keep creating, practicing and doing what you love.. the only focus should be there and everything else is a byproduct which will happen if it needs to. I don't think there is any fixed formula, but to create and just express yourself in any medium you like.

Prox: What is your current workspace set-up? Any equipment you’d have difficulty creating without?

Archan: I am using a gaming PC like setup with dual monitors as my main rig and also the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to create my works at the moment. I love both my Intuos 4 and the iPad Pro, definitely the main tools for sure!

Prox: Are there any artists, creatives, entertainment or musicians you’d like to recommend to the readers?

Archan: Music: Geskia, Felix Cartal, Petit Biscuit are amazing right now. Artists: Kris Kuksi, Puppeteer Lee, Alicia Martin.

Prox: Final thoughts?

Archan: Existence is incredible.. embrace all and flow.

For more information on Archan and his work follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his Website.

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