Jon Moody: Athletic and Creative Synergy for Artistic Excellence.

"When times are hard, when the vision becomes blurry, when the obstacles arrive and when there is doubt, you simply have to believe in yourself and know that the greatest return you will ever get is from the investment you put into yourself." -Jon Moody

Artistic synergy is the product of consistent commitment and unwavering discipline in spite of adversity. No one exemplifies this more than artist Jon Moody who has made it his mission to utilize his creative and physical potential for the benefit of inquiring minds. He uses his abilities to craft powerful paintings that explore ubiquitous human emotions and shed light on the misrepresented and underserved. 

Any artist that has polished their craft enough to captivate former White House officials is one of note and exceptional talent. Aside from impressing occupants of the highest office, Jon consistently creates pieces that uplift members of his own community and contributes to the emergent conscious “Woke” zeitgeist.

Prox: It’s uncommon to see visual artists that are athletes. How has your athletic background contributed to your art and vice versa? Do you feel that there is a special kind of discipline that can only come from athletic training?

Jon: I believe it is common to see visual artists who are athletes, the thing about it is that a lot of artist/athletes feel they can not be both at the same time. Both career paths take an excruciating amount of focus and dedication which leaves most young artist athletes torn with a choice rather than embracing both uniquely. That is part of the reason why we don't recognize many that are “both” today.

For me in particular each characteristic of being an artist and of being an athlete contributes so much to the other. Without the athletic side I wouldn't have this strong force of discipline and drive that pushes the artist, and without the artistic side I wouldn't find purpose in the use of the athletic discipline. They combine to make a greater whole.

Prox: Do you feel like your diet plays a role in your creative process and work ethic? What are some of your go to brain and energy foods?

Jon: Diet is imperative! I make sure to fuel my body with all organic and natural foods. What you put into your body effects the way you think, the way you feel, the energy one has throughout the day and if one is to accomplish a grand scale of work in one day, one must have a grand scale of energy. For myself, my on the go meals are grilled chicken salads and plant based protein shakes…I know, lame right?

Prox: You grew up with a parent working at NASA. How has this impacted your work? Did you take an interest to science and space growing up?

Jon: My father working at NASA played a unique roll in my passion, for myself NASA was just flat out cool, it was space, it was imagination and in that sense my imagination growing up was limitless because of my parents. They set the bar.


Prox: How do you typically approach each piece from an aesthetic and symbolic perspective? Have you ever experienced any backlash due to your powerful themes?

Jon: The way I usually attack a piece is by starting with what's going on in the world around me. What is happening that is imperative for us as a society to discuss? Other times I will push into personal issues that I feel are relative to society as well, relationships, motivation, family etc. How do I use my God given talent to spark thought and change this world? After settling on a concept I will use a model to set up a scene relative to what I am thinking, snap a few photos and then begin the creative transfer of that composed imagery to canvas.

Prox: One thing that many people have noticed about your work is your inclusion and appreciation of black women. Why is it important to ensure that black women are properly represented during this current reemergence of black unity and self-love?

Jon: Well when we discuss the concept of “woke” we have to truly recognize if we are actually “woke”. I believe one of the biggest slaps in the face happens to black women in society and it goes unnoticed almost entirely too much. I mean literally if we look at a body of people and how they are broken down, talked about for their features, given less opportunities, but then we look at other groups of women who imitate these qualities, these physical features, this culture and they are praised for it… one has to realize that this is a slap in the face. So for me it is imperative to wake society up to this notion, to make them aware through some of my work.

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Prox: Favorite Hobbies?

Jon: Favorite hobbies would have to be cooking and staying active/physically fit. In the kitchen I love to throw down all kinds of foods from swordfish to Lamb, and outside of that I am usually almost always in the gym! I know again, lame right?”

Prox: Who are some of your favorite artists, business people, creatives or intellectuals?

Jon: Some of my favorite artist/businesspeople/creatives would have to be people like Tupac for his vision, Kanye for his creative mind, Floyd/Diddy, Jay Z for their exceptional business grind. For myself, these guys inspire me and I look at their process and apply that to myself in the creative field. When its all said and done I am looking to change the art world and do it like its never been done, I’m looking to be the Michael Jordan of art.

Prox: Tips for aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and those looking to start their own programs or services?

Jon: The best advice I give to aspiring artists and individuals pursuing their craft, is to simply believe in yourself. When times are hard, when the vision becomes blurry, when the obstacles arrive and when there is doubt, you simply have to believe in yourself and know that the greatest return you will ever get is from the investment you put into yourself.

Prox: Information on upcoming projects and releases?

Jon: Can’t say too much about upcoming things but I will say you all will be getting a lot more content and merch from Jon Moody and also expect to see me on TV sometime soon!

More information about Jon's work or prints can be found his website or you keep up with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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